“When I had surrendered all belief in mercy, so mercy was granted me at last.”  (“March” by Geraldine Brooks). Robert March,  the husband and father in the story, Little Women, lies in a military hospital bed, tortured by guilt and helplessness, when he finds out his daughter Beth is going to live after she nearly dies of scarlet fever.

Can you feel his relief?  Can you imagine his gratitude?

Sometimes we think mercy and goodness are ours to find, ours to create.   If we believe correctly and act correctly, we will get the result we desire.  If painful things happen, it’s our fault.

The truth is that hard things happen because we live in a broken world.  And though there is darkness, there is mercy.  Mercy not because we have done the right things, but because God is merciful.

Mercy is given.

It is something we could never do on our own.  Something we can not figure out, manage, or make happen.  Something we cannot control.

Are you longing for mercy?

It (your salvation, your peace, your abundant life) does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.  Rom 9:16


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