I have been thinking about what “Christlikeness” means.  We tend to associate it with doing things well:  making good decisions, reading our Bibles, serving in the church, being a witness, and doing spiritual disciplines.  All of these things can be good things.  But many times we do them or feel pressure to do them, in order to receive favor with God, in order for our lives to go well.  We try our best and many times give up because we aren’t getting the result we want. We feel guilty; we feel as if we have failed ourselves and God.

Here are ways that I think we grow in being like Christ:

–  When we are at our worst (we have just yelled at our kids or disappointed a friend or made a mistake at work), we can begin to feel God’s love.

– When we think what we do will never be enough — never be good enough, we start to feel in our hearts God saying “It is enough.”

– When our kids haven’t had a vegetable in days, we know how deeply we are accepted and beautiful.

– When we feel it is up to us to make good things happen, we slowly begin to rest in knowing God will give us what we need.

– We start to feel treasured by God even when we feel broken,weak, and empty.

Being like Christ doesn’t mean having it all together; not working harder or trying harder or being better.  Being like Christ means surrendering in order to receive his love.  His love for us even when we are not at our best.  His love that says: depend on me not on what you can do or figure out on your own.

Our human poverty is the path to knowing how deeply we are loved.  Something that Jesus knew at the core of his being.  A love he could give because He first received.

May we grow in our experience of simply being human, and in that, being loved……..


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