The Ever-Loving Sower

So here is the lay of the land of Luke 8:4-15: The sower is God. The seed is the word of God. The soil is the people. Jesus describes the various situations that people can be in: the devil takes the seed, the rocks make the seed not take root, the thorns crowd out the seed, or the seed takes root in good soil.

Sometimes these soils are all parts of me at different times depending on life. Sometimes there is the devil trying to take from me, sometimes there are rocks, and sometimes there are thorns. But the thing that is always constant is that God continues to sow the seed regardless of the state of my heart and life. I can accept these states of my heart and trust that God will continue in his great love to sow the seed. He doesn’t evaluate my condition before he blesses me. He just loves. Always giving and loving that are not dependent on the state of my heart and life.

Because that’s who He is. Our gracious and generous God.

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