Men’s Issues

Society views men differently today than it did even twenty years ago. You may find it confusing to navigate the world with a sense of strength and purpose, wondering if you have what it takes. And comparing yourself to your neighbor, your boss, or the expectations of others isn’t helpful. It’s possible to approach your world with healthy resolve and an understanding of how you can use your gifts wisely and well.


Anxiety occurs when you’re struggling with the “what ifs” of the future and “if onlys” of the past. Our work will be to help you be where you are—in the midst of your circumstances—to feel what is there and to see what invitations are given to you. It is in this place that you can feel love, connection, rest, and purpose.

Grief and Loss

You may have lost a loved one through death or divorce. You may be single and want to be married. Or you have a child with special needs. Perhaps someone you love has betrayed you, or you feel empty in your career. Each is associated with a particular loss—the loss of control. What happens in this place of doubt and questioning is crucial. In this place of powerlessness is the birthplace of grief and gratitude.

Life Transitions

Transitions are hard. Starting college, changing majors, changing careers, becoming a parent, moving… These and many other transitions can be overwhelming places as well as opportunities for great learning and growth.

Whether you’re trying to make big decisions for your life, or you’re trying to live with the decisions you’ve made, walking with an experienced therapist will help you to find out who you are and what upholds you in times of change.


You may feel overburdened but can’t say no. You may feel unimportant unless you’re helping someone. The result may be that others use you, and yet doing anything else may seem risky—even impossible. Counseling for codependency is an opportunity to develop healthy boundaries and self-care skills. Knowing your value and the value of your own wants and needs will help you experience a more abundant life.