Working With Me

I work with individuals (including teens), couples, and groups, operating from the basis that the ways in which we interact with others strongly influence our ability to live well. We learn these ways of being through a wide range of causes; many of them are related to past relationships, significant choices, and even traumatic events. Some people care for us, some harm us, and some are indifferent. Taken together, these influences powerfully affect your experience.

To work in the arena of relationships, I believe that the counseling process requires a partnering between client and counselor to explore your concerns. This relationship is a wonderful context for change. In addition to spending much time within the issues that bring you to counseling, we will also look at your relationships with other significant people in your life. My approach explores the intricacies of these relationships and their influence on your specific difficulties.

In particular, I find that many persons choose to view their experiences in black-and-white ways that restrict their ability to live in freedom. Our work together often involves finding the unexpected and using it to our advantage.

The most successful clients are prepared to engage in weekly appointments, read outside material, and take the occasional risk necessary to outgrow old patterns of living.