Shelly Tiemeyer

Shelly Tiemeyer

There may be places in your heart that you are afraid to go. Feelings you don’t want to acknowledge. Struggles you don’t want to face. Brokenness you don’t want to experience.

You may be surprised at the strength, beauty, and courage that you find inside. And, you don’t have to do it alone.

You will find that meaning and purpose—a sense of self—are created by being where you are, feeling what you feel, without judgment or evaluation. And in this surrender, in the place of your greatest need, you will find movement toward what you desire most.

My belief is that a heart at rest is where change happens. My main hope is to provide a spacious place for you to discover who you were created to be—to learn to love and be loved.

Our unending human poverty is our greatest innate treasure.

– Johannes Baptist Metz, Poverty of Spirit

I am most concerned with who you are and are becoming in your significant relationships. My hope is for movement toward more freedom, vulnerability, authenticity, and love for yourself and others.

I work with a wide variety of issues; however, my special interests include spiritual issues, grief and loss, life transitions, codependency, anxiety, and women’s issues. My priority is that our work together will feel safe, restful, soulful, empowering, and hopeful.

I offer individual counseling for adults, spiritual direction, Lifespan Integration therapy, and couple and pre-marital counseling.


I have always enjoyed helping people see their own goodness and beauty. For eleven years I was a social worker in Kansas. My purpose was to inspire and bring hope to the people with whom I worked–people with epilepsy and people with severe mental illness. In 2002, I came to the Pacific Northwest and received my Masters in Counseling and Certificate in Spiritual Direction from The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.

During this time I did an internship at Seattle Pacific University, where I worked with college students dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, grief, abuse issues, and relational difficulties. I am currently a licensed social worker in private practice in the state of Washington and work with individuals and couples. In addition, I am registered as a Lifespan Integration counselor. My hope is for people to know the love and freedom for which they are made.